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Verbena hybrida P12 cm. Pris på forespørsel. Viser veiledende pris. Vennligst velg butikk for å se pris for ditt hagesenter. Hageverbena er en svært blomsterrik sommerblomst med hengende og utstrakte grener/skudd. Den finnes i svært mange farger og blomstrer jevnt hele sommeren Garden verbena, or landscaping vervain, is a simply beautiful flower and will be a perfect match for gardens and container-based growing alike.. Facts about garden verbena. Name - Verbena x hybrida Family - Verbenaceae Type - perennial or annual. Height - 12 to 40 inches (30 to 100 cm) Exposure - full sun Soil - light, well-drained.

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  1. D. Grey Last Modified Date: August 09, 2020 . A Verbena hybrid is the name given to a plant within the Verbena genus that has been cross-bred with another species of plant, usually another kind of Verbena.Plant hybridization is the process by which plants cross-pollinate, either naturally or by human intervention, and produce a new kind of plant
  2. En Verbena hybrid er navnet gitt til en plante i Verbena slekten som har vært cross-avlet med en annen art av plante, vanligvis en annen type Verbena. Plant hybridisering er prosessen der planter krysspollinerer, enten naturlig eller ved menneskelig inngripen, og produsere en ny type anlegg
  3. Zones: Winter hardy in zones 8-11. Garden verbenas (Verbena ×hybrida) are short-lived tender perennials grown as annuals in most climates.Bloom season: May through October. Sun and soil requirements: Full sun (at least 8 hours a day) and average well-drained soil
  4. Verbena (/ v ər ˈ b iː n ə /, vervain) is a genus in the family Verbenaceae.It contains about 250 species of annual and perennial herbaceous or semi-woody flowering plants.The majority of the species are native to the Americas and Asia. Verbena officinalis, the common vervain or common verbena, is the type species and native to Europe

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Verbena x hybrida . Antall frø: 125. Høyde: 20 cm. Blomsterfarge: Rosa, rød, lilla og hvit i blanding. Såtid: Mars. Blomstringstid: Juni til frost. Vokseplass: Sol. Bruksområde: Bed, verandakasse og potte . Så frøene i såjord, dekk lett med vermiculite. La potten trekke opp vann nedenfra, slik at jorda blir fuktig. Spirer etter 3 uker. Verbena, Hage-, blanding - Romance Mix (Verbena x hybrida compacta) Ettårig. Farge- og blomsterrik blanding. Velegnet til bed, verandakasser og krukker. Får mange flotte blomsterstander som sitter over løvet i røde, rosa, purpur, blålige og hvite nyanser. Hvis planten toppkappes blir den kraftigere

Noteworthy Characteristics. Verbena x hybrida, commonly called garden verbena, is a short-lived perennial that is grown in St. Louis as an annual.It is noted for its profuse bloom of small five-petaled flowers in rounded clusters (to 3 wide) from late spring to fall on plants ranging in size from mat-forming/trailing (to 10 tall) to bushy/upright (to 20: tall) The Verbena genus contains more than 250 species of perennial and annual plants. The pure species are not commonly grown except by fairly specialized gardeners. Most of the Verbenas widely used as bedding plants or low trailers in containers are named cultivars derived from hybrid crosses of various native verbena species. You often will see these labeled as Verbena x hybrida, Verbena x or. La Verbena (Verbena hybrida) es una planta semivivaz de la familia Verbenaceae y proveniente de la hibridación de distintas especies de Verbena, originarias.

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Uttaleguide: Lær hvordan Verbena hybrida uttales på Latin med innfødt uttale. Verbena hybrida Engelsk oversettelse Find help & information on Verbena × hybrida garden verbena from the RH

Verbena x hybrida 'Quartz Blue' Antall frø: 25 Høyde: 25-30 cm Blomsterfarge: Blå Såtid: Mars Blomstringstid: Juni til frost Vokseplass: Sol Bruksområde: Bed, verandakasse og potte Verbena er tøffe p Common Garden Verbenas, Verbena x hybrida, are tender perennials that are usually grown from bedding plants as annuals. They may be erect and bushy, growing to 18 tall, or trailing 6 tall plants, depending on the cultivar. They produce dense clusters of brightly colored, fragrant, ½-1 flowers from summer through fall, but blooming may decline as summer temperatures rise garden verbena verbena x hybrida. Short-lived perennial grown as annual. Zones US, MS, LS, CS, TS; USDA 6-11. Much-branched plant to 612 inches high, spreading 1123 feet wide. Oblong, 2- to 4 inches., bright green or gray-green leaves with toothed margins

HOW TO GROW WINTER FLOWERING PLANTS AT HOME -VERBENA (WITH ALL CARE TIPS) DAIZZ'S TIP:-Verbena is an extremely versatile flowering plant that thrives in hang.. Blue Princess verbena (Verbena x hybrida 'Blue Princess'). This is a newer hybrid variety of verbena that produces beautiful deep blue flowers. Brazilian verbena (Verbena bonariensis). Brazilian verbena grows taller and a little more sparsely than other varieties. They can even grow up to four feet (1.2 meters) if over-fertilized Verbena officinalis, the common vervain or common verbena, is a perennial herb native to Europe.It grows up to 70 cm high, with an upright habitus.The lobed leaves are toothed, and the delicate spikes hold clusters of two-lipped mauve flowers.. This plant prefers limey soils; it is occasionally grown as an ornamental plant but perhaps more often for the powerful properties some herbalists. Glandularia × hybrida. Common name(s): Florist Verbena, Mock Verbena, Garden Verbena and others Synonyme(s): Verbena × hybrida Family: Verbenaceae Origin: none, cultivars. The Members of the genus Glandularia are native to South America. More infos: Florist Verbenas are available in a wide range of blooming colors

Botanical Name : Verbena hybrida Voss Synonyms : Verbena hortensis Vilm. Common Name : Garden Vervain, Verbena, Garden Verbena Plant Family : Verbenaceae Plant Form : Herb Occurrence (Special Areas) : Indroda Park, Van Chetana Kendra About Verbena hybrida Plant : Habit : A herbaceous perennial but generally grown as an annual. Leaves : Opposite, highly dissected, hairy Verbena is the ideal plant to cascade over retaining walls, containers, baskets, and window boxes. As long as its soil is well drained, verbena will reward gardeners with countless clusters blooms all season long. Verbena is also drought tolerant, making it a great choice for rock gardens and for planting in cracks between stones

Verbena Hybrida Ideal Florist Mix. Verbena Hybrida Ideal Florist Mix. This fragrant annual does well in hot and dry conditions delivering an abundance of bright flowers in large clusters of violet, red and rose and white. Excellent for window boxes, borders, and rock gardens. A vigorous spreading plant that blooms all season long. 80 days Crop Culture Report: Verbena hybridaVerbena Vivid® Recommended Containers: Container use would range from 4 to 12 pots. Use in combination baskets and containers. Crop Planning from cell pack: Pot Size Plants per pot (pp) Finish Time (weeks) 4 pot (10 cm) 1 pp 5 to 7 5 pot (12 cm) 1 pp 6 to 8 6 pot (15 cm) 2 pp 8 to Verbena hybrida . Verbena. ( Imagen 03-2013 ) Verbena hybrida . Verbena. ( Imagen 04-2013 ) Verbena hybrida . Verbena. ( Imagen 05-2013 ) Publicado por la receta de carmen en 14:31. Enviar por correo electrónico Escribe un blog Compartir con Twitter Compartir con Facebook Compartir en Pinterest

Verbena Plant Care. While the verbena flower is drought resistant, the blooms are improved with regular watering of an inch or so each week. Water verbena plants at the base to avoid wetting the foliage. However, verbena plant care may not include weekly water if rainfall in your area has reached an inch or more Noted for its vigor, heat, drought and mildew tolerance, Verbena 'Superbena Large Lilac Blue' is a trailing Verbena with masses of large clusters of rich lavender-blue flowers over a long season. Blooming continuously from summer to frost, the blossoms are so profuse that they literally smother the foliage of oval, toothed, mint-like leaves, creating an endless floral carpet

Verbena hybrida, 'Peaches & Cream' Now positively famous is this wonderful variety bearing throughout summer non-stop into autumn a continuous abundance of mouth-watering flowers. These open a shade of coral and then pass through shades of peach (fresh, not tinned), cream, orange and yellow resulting in an ever-changing palette of pastel shades Verbena hybrids are a trailing perennial, usually grown as an annual, which bears compact heads of fragrant, colourful flowers throughout Spring, Summer and Autumn. It has slightly hairy leaves and a spreading habit which makes it ideal for massed colou Purple Trailing Verbena will fill any open space quickly, and the vivid, deep purple flowers combine well with other colors in the garden. Visit any Moon Valley Nurseries, and our nursery pros will be glad to help you pick the perfect shrubs, trees and other plants that can increase property value Verbena Hybrida. 31 likes. De flores miúdas arranjadas em um pequeno buquê, a verbena é uma plantinha de ramagem delicada que confere um ar campestre ao jardim

Big blooms and sunny colors that last. Upright habits are perfect for small to medium-sized containers. Strong garden vigor outlasts other Verbena Plant: Hybrid Verbena * Verbena x hybrida hort. ex Groenland et Rümpler - Garden Verbena, Annual Verbena - annual, type of inflorescence - raceme, containe Finn Close On Verbena Verbena Hybrida Pink arkivbilder i HD og millioner av andre royaltyfrie arkivbilder, illustrasjoner og vektorer i Shutterstock-samlingen. Tusenvis av nye høykvalitetsbilder legges til daglig

Scientific Name : Verbena x hybrida Common Name : Verbena Blooming Season : Spring, Late Spring, Summer, Autumn, Late Summer Plant Habit : Mounded Spacing : 10 - 14 (25 - 36cm) Height : 8 - 10 (20 - 25cm) Width : 10 - 12 (25 - 30cm) Exposure : Sun Grower Information : Seed supplied as: Raw, Primed. Plug crop time: 4 weeks Transplant to finish: Spring 6 to 8 weeks, Summer 5 to 7 week Noted for its compact stature, Verbena bonariensis 'Lollipop' is a free-flowering, dwarf Vervain cultivar with dense clusters of small, lavender to violet flowers over a long season. Blooming for weeks from early summer until frost, the attractive blossoms are borne at the tip of slender stems, clad with dark green toothed leaves. A superior nectar plant, hummingbirds and butterflies love it.

Find Verbena Romance Pastels Punnet - Verbena hybrida at Bunnings Warehouse. Visit your local store for the widest range of garden products Superbena ® Whiteout ™ Verbena hybrid 'RIKA1832M3' USPP 30,897, Can PBRAF. Professional Growing Information . 2 Reviews. 5. 1. 4. 1. 3. 2. 1. Add your review. This meets all my expectations. Large fluffy puffs of white. I teamed it with Supertunia Snowdrift, Diamond Frost Euphorbia and a liquorice plant. Lol. Verbena (Verbena Hybrida Florist Mix) - Verbena is a hardy annual plant that produces beautiful, colorful, blossoms of flowers.This fragrant annual seed mix does very well in hot and dry regions. Excellent for window boxes, borders, and rock gardens. There is no better spreading plant that blooms all season long than this verbena florist mix Apr 29, 2019 - Explore Lakeland Yard and Garden's board VERBENA, followed by 1220 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Verbena, Plants, Planting flowers

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  1. Sun-loving verbena (Verbena x hybrida), a butterfly favorite, is sometimes described as a see-through plant, because its long flowering stems do not obstruct the view of other bedding plants and flowers. Considered a low-maintenance plant, it generally requires little care beyond the basics
  2. Superbena ® Sparkling Amethyst bears large clusters of amethyst purple flowers kissed with rosy purple centers. The flowers completely cover the canopy of dark green, powdery mildew-resistant foliage all summer without deadheading. It is an excellent spiller in combination planters and hanging baskets
  3. Verbena Hybrida Prostrada Verbena (/vərˈbiːnə/, vervain) is a genus in the family Verbenaceae. It contains about 250 species of annual and perennial herbaceous or semi-woody flowering plants. The majority of the species are native to the Americas and Europe
  4. Photo: verbena hybrida; You are not logged in. Down; Home; gallery discussion foru
  5. Verbena hybrida 'Deep Purple' Deep Purple Verbena features showy clusters of deep purple star-shaped flowers at the ends of the stems from late Spring to mid Autumn. The flowers are excellent for cutting. Its tiny narrow foliage remain green in colour throughout the season. This plant is great for adding colour to any garden place it is added to. This is really quite versatile, being heat.
  6. Verbena canadensis, (Glandularia canadensis) is also sometimes used. Glandularia sp. is the moss verbena. Nomenclature is a bit confused with the various horticultural cultivars. Family: Verbenaceae. Zone: V. x hybrida 8 - 10 usually grown as annuals, V. bonariensis 7-10, G. canadensis 5-9
  7. g verbena hardy to the low teens. Beats all verbenas for summer performance - it takes the heat better, and stays in flower longer! Lasting color,.

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Purple Verbena Seeds. Well suited to U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 11, purple verbena seeds can be purchased through online or mail order stores and in retail nursery and garden centers. Seeds generally come 50 to a package, and can also be purchased in bulk. You can also harvest the seeds from your existing plants Verbena types available are the short-lived annual verbena (Verbena hortensis); the large-flowered, short-lived perennial verbena (sometimes referred to the species V. x hybrida types); and the smaller-flowered but long-lived perennial verbena loosely referred to by botanists as Verbena Hybrids (Verbena x tenera)

(-) Remove Verbena hybrida filter Verbena hybrida; Achillea millefolium (4) Apply Achillea millefolium filter Angelonia angustifolia (6) Apply Angelonia angustifolia filter Arenaria montana (3) Apply Arenaria montana filter Argyranthemum frutescens (5) Apply Argyranthemum frutescens filter Aster novi-belgii (15) Apply Aster novi-belgii filter Aubrieta hybrida (9) Apply Aubrieta hybrida filte Verbena x hybrida Tuscany is a newer introduction featuring compact, heaving blooming, upright, spreading plants with extra large flower heads. Uniform in germination, habit and flowering, Tuscany colors combine beautifully. Heat loving, and drought tolerant they reach 8-10 in. tall and spread 16-20 in. across Annual Verbena (Glandularia x hybrida; formerly Verbena x hybrida): Annual verbena is a relatively common garden bedding plant. Most varieties will decline once summer heat increases. Perennial type verbenas will perform better in South Carolina, and will bloom quickly the first season of planting Verbena Hybrida: Annual herbaceous, low, forming a bush with stems spreading somewhere on the ground. It has whole leaves but deeply toothed and rough to the touch. It produces flowers in umbels of all colors including 2 tones, centers of white flower and all that in a beautiful perfume. Flowering throughout the summer, easy to maintain and resistant to heat Verbena hybrida obsession (R) 'Formula Mix' (Verbena 'Polka Mix') will reach a height of 0.2m and a spread of 0.2m after 1-2 years. Suggested uses. Beds and borders, City, Containers, Cottage/Informal, Hanging baskets. Cultivation. Grow in moist, well-drained, moderately fertile soil in full sun

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Pflanzen: Verbene * Verbena x hybrida hort. ex Groenland et Rümpler - Eisenkraut - Sommerblume, Blütenstand Traube, Töpfenpflanze, Beetpflanze, auffallend Verbena Ideal Florist Mix is a beautiful, spreading Verbena that comes in a mixture of burgundy, peach, pink, purple, red, and white. It is suitable for hanging baskets and containers, and it makes a colorful ground-cover for beds and borders Verbena hybrida 'Magalena Peach' SKU Name; VER-MAG-201-LS51: Rooted Cutting 51 CT Tray: Verbena flowers attract butterflies, adding a touch of beauty to your garden while promoting pollination and plant growth. This variety is also resistant to deer Garden Verbena Verbena Hybrida. Whole Plant. Flower. Garden Verbena is found in Zones 9 and 10. It is native to the Americas and can be grown in New Mexico. Garden Verbena is a perennial easily grown in full sun and well-drained soils. They thrive in heat and tend to rot n heavy poor drained wet soils VERBENA AND ITS VIRUSES: Verbena, particularly Verbena x hybrida or garden verbena, is a popular ornamental landscape plant because of its ease of growth, its lack of pest problems, and its beautiful long lasting blooms. Verbena hybrids are the result of careful cross breeding and the selection of the best varieties (House Plants Guru, 2015)

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Verbena hybrida. Perennial often grown as an annual, growing to 50cm. Attractive long stemmed flowers in a variety of colours. Good in rockeries and as a ground cover. Fast growing. Long flowering Hosted by the USGS Core Science Analytics and Synthesis. Page designed through the cooperative efforts of interagency ITIS Teams. Point of Contact: itiswebmaster@itis.gov Verbena Hybrida Apricot. Verbena Hybrida Apricot. This fragrant annual does well in hot and dry conditions delivering an abundance of beautiful deep apricot flowers. Excellent for window boxes, borders, and rock gardens. A vigorous spreading plant that blooms all season long. 80 days. Plant Height: 12″. Cultivation Advice Verbena Hybrida Aprico

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Flower Seeds Verbena x Hybrida Blue from Ukraine at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Verbena hybrida Voss is an accepted name This name is the accepted name of a species in the genus Verbena (family Verbenaceae). The record derives from Tropicos which reports it as an accepted name (record 33702878). Synonyms: See Status, Confidence level, Source for definitions. Name Status Confi­dence leve

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Glandularia hybrida Name Homonyms Verbena hybrida Groenland & Rümpler Verbena ×hybrida hort. ex Vilm. Verbena hybrida Voss Verbena ×hybrida hort. Common names Garten-Verbene in German garden vervain in language. Bibliographic References. Artportalen (plant) (2005) Synonymer. Bernal, R., S.R. Gradstein & Celis, M. (eds.) We couldn't do this without our sponsors. Thank you. © Copyright 2020 The Trial Gardens at UGA. All Rights Reserved. | Produced by Clarity Connect, Inc.Clarity. Verbena (Verbena Hybrids Nana Compacta Mix) - What a brilliant display of colors in this Verbena seed mix.This Verbena variety is an aggressive growing ground cover plant that starts blooming in early spring and will bloom all summer long, clear up until frost season begins Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about Glandularia, Garden Verbena, Trailing Verbena (Glandularia x hybrida) 'Tapien Pink' supplied by member gardeners in the PlantFiles da..

Pflanzen: Verbene * Verbena x hybrida Lanai Candy Cane - Eisenkraut - Sommerblume, Blütenstand Traube, Töpfenpflanze, Beetpflanze, auffallende Blüte.. Global Biodiversity Information Facility. Free and Open Access to Biodiversity Data A Floridata plant profile of species Verbena bonariensis, commonly called purpletop verbena, purpletop vervain, South American verbena, tall verbena

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Verbenaceae – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre美女樱图片_美女樱种植_美女樱种类-动植物バーベナ / 美女桜(ビジョザクラ) Verbena x hybrida ( 写真 ) - 花樹アルバム「いとし
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